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Mui Ne cheap hotel - Mui Ne travel experience for you

03/11/2022 1069 view

What season is the most beautiful in Mui Ne?

Visitors can come to Mui Ne in all years, because here each season of "sea paradise" will bring visitors a different beauty. According to the experience of Mui Ne cheap hotel, from April to August is the most beautiful and suitable time to travel to Mui Ne, at this time the sea water is clear and cool. You should choose hotels near the sea in Mui Ne so that birds can admire the whole blue beauty of Mui Ne's sea.

From about August to December, it will be very suitable for those who like windsurfing and adventure sports. In December, it can rain, visitors should pay attention to bring an umbrella if going out.



According to the research of the cheap hotel in Mui Ne, now from Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can easily move to Mui Ne by means of transportation such as motorbikes, coaches or trains.

For backpackers, they will usually follow the coastal road. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can go in the direction from Cat Lai ferry, to Long Thanh and then to Ba Ria town, continue in the direction of Ho Tram through Loc An and finally run along the coastal road towards Phan city. Set. The total distance traveled will be about 230 km.

If you do not want to ride a motorbike, you can also go to the Eastern bus station to buy a ticket to Phan Thiet, with a travel time of about 5 hours and a ticket price of 130,000 VND per person, the fare will fluctuate depending on the bus operator. Please.


Where to play

Mui Ne is known not only as an "entertainment paradise" with beautiful beaches stretching throughout, but it is also famous for many historical sites and Cham Pa cultures rich in national identity. . The following cheap hotel in Mui Ne will share with you a few hot entertainment places in Mui Ne:

1. Hon Rom

First, let's go to Hon Rom with a cheap hotel in Mui Ne, this is the name of a small mountain that is still very wild located right in Long Son hamlet, Mui Ne ward, TP. Phan Thiet. Visitors should come to Hon Rom in the early morning or late afternoon, because at this time you will see the brilliant sunrise and sunset. And this is also an extremely ideal camping spot to make campfires at night or watch the moon and stars. And yet, the beach cluster in Hon Rom has smooth waves, absolutely no reefs and has a clear blue water, you can ask for directions to Hon Rom 1, Hon Rom 2 or Thuy Trang beach to swim. .


2. Pink Sand Dunes

Near the Hon Rom area will be one of the most beautiful landscapes in Mui Ne - Red Sand Dunes. In addition to owning long wavy sandy beaches, the color of the sand is also an attraction for tourists, especially the cheap hotel in Mui Ne will reveal to you that there are times when the sand on the hill has up to 18 colors. it's different. Up on the sand hill, you can rent skis, for only 20,000 VND a plate.

At the foot of the sand hill, there will always be some fast food and drinks for sale such as: Coconut three times, filter cake, tofu...

3. Hon Ghenh

Hon Ghenh is also known by tourists as Hon Lao, this place is about a kilometer from Mui Ne and is still quite pristine. To get to Hon Ghenh, you can directly rent boats from fishermen for 200,000 VND per boat of 10 people or take the shuttle service of resorts and hotels.

Early morning visitors can come here to fish, go scuba diving to see corals, in the evening will be the best time to watch the afternoon and sunset right on the sea.

4. Bau Trang – Bau Sen

Bau Trang – Bau sen are two natural freshwater lakes located between immense white sand dunes. Mui Ne cheap hotel firmly believes that when you come to Bau Trang in the summer, visitors can admire the image of thousands of lotus flowers blooming among the vast white sand dunes.

Bau Trang Sand Dunes are likened by other tourists as "sub-Saharan desert" in Vietnam with immense, wild and majestic scenery. Here, visitors can also rent off-road vehicles or jeeps to drive around Bau Trang for only 600,000 VND for 20 minutes.

5. Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream in Mui Ne is called "Bong Lai fairy scene" by tourists. Here there is a small creek located next to Hon Rom. Next to the stream are natural red and white stalactites with many strange shapes due to the erosion of time.

6. Mui Ne fishing village

Mui Ne fishing village is located about 3 km from town. As soon as entering the entrance of the fishing village, the first image visitors see will be hundreds of fishing boats with colorful and vibrant colors moored. Not far away will be a small market with the same peaceful rhythm of life.

With a cheap hotel in Mui Ne, although the fishing village only stretches for about 100 meters along the coast, this is definitely the place where tourists can clearly appreciate the life of the fishermen. If you come to the fishing village early in the morning, you can also buy the freshest seafood when the boat has just landed.

Recently, Mui Ne cheap hotel has shared with you the experience of their trip to Mui Ne, hopefully this article will be useful for your journey. If you have the opportunity to come to Mui Ne, we hope that other tourists will come and stop at our cheap hotel in Mui Ne - a hotel near the sea in Mui Ne.



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