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Travel and Trade Co. Ltd 1001 Nights

constantly promote "job fire"

The predestined relationship everyone has, but how to grasp it depends on how the human mind comes to the job; At the same time, it is necessary to have the element of "natural time - favorable conditions - human peace" in order to promote the internal strength in a sustainable way. With the continuous promotion of its "fire" to bring the ship "1001 Nights" to shine in the tourism industry of the province.

1001 night hotel

Customer satisfaction is the existing value of the hotel, we have a team of professional, career-loving staff ready to serve you 24/24.



Tour agency  “1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM”  in Mui Ne city is long poetry stories, fairytales with endless beauty, pale rose sunrises and rich red sunsets. This is fisherman’s  stories and  legend of Cham’s successors.  This is lakes and lotus ponds, wonderful  waterfalls and horizonless  rice fields. This is legendary Takou mountain,  sanitary center in BinhChau and ancient French lighthouse Kega.

“1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM”  is aromas of Dalat’s coffee and bitter-sweet emperor tea from early Vietnam capital city  Hue. Painterly of ha Long bay, PhongNha-Ke Bang cave depth, unique PhuQuoc island and infinite amount of beaches in NhaTrang and VinhHy.

The owner of company is a young guy НгуенДыкЧонг, who got high education in Russia. With the incredible time of staying in Russia he not only studied Russian language, but he also  found for himself the best qualities of Russian culture, temper and spirit. By virtue of his teachers and friends, with every day his soul getting closer to Russian.  The idea of founding a professional traveling agency had came to him when he worked a guide.

“Your dream will come true, if you want it so bad”, that how they say. With help of relatives, beautiful and smart sisters, who lived and worked in many Russian cities, Nguyen Duc Trong courageously opened “1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM”. Company appeared due to hard work and copious  knowledge of Russian Federation  and Vietnam laws. Company got license for international tours organization and was insured in state insure system with big bonus. Already many years tour agency “1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM” have been being the perfect meeting place of Russian and Vietnamese tourists.

Nguyen Duc Trong or just Trong (his name translated like “respect to people”) and his tour agency progress and improve every day. Company already many times has gotten charters and privileges from the Tourism Development Department of Binh Thuan province for deserts in strengthening of friendship between Vietnam and CIS countries. At the same time one more main thing for Trong is his family: wife, who graduated one of the Ho Chi Minh city’s university, and two sons, Sumo and Suri.

Buying a tour in our company you can be 100% sure, that it will be organized with the highest quality, safe and exciting! All transfers and tours of we offer to you realizing with new and modern cars with experienced drivers and friendly guides.

In “1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM” company guides have the main part. Some of them are qualified geologists  and historians of Vietnam, who have truly encyclopedic knowledge.

Apart from tours  company can offer to visit our restaurant, specializing  on making ritzy dishes made of fresh seafood, such as shrimps, crabs, fish, lobsters, scallops and snails. There is the famous in whole Vietnam crab from Ca Mau province in our restaurant’s menu. Our dishes are healthy and the will pleasantly surprise you with their delicious taste and acceptable prices. “Excellent service!”-  this is the most often feedback from our customers.

At the present time “1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM” company is also having part in building of the new mall which will sell all kinds of goods, from bottle of water to clothes of popular brand like Nike and Adidas. In already existing shops of our company you can buy well-known high quality medicine like longevity mushroom lingzhi, red ginseng and cosmetics based on collagen.  Also we have wide range of tea and coffee.  All our goods are manufactured by leading companies , so that’s why their quality 100% guaranteed and quantity is complied until the smallest portion of gram. Besides, we regularly send all of this listed above goods to shops in Moscow, Vladivostok and different cities of Siberia.

Tour agency “1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM” also organize:

·         Healing  tours with support of best Vietnamese doctors and physicians.

·         Lessons of VinhXuan with one of the leading in the Vietnam teacher Nguyen Duc Zung – heir of grandmaster of this martial art Ngo Si Quy.

·         Lessons of Qigong Kim Kang Thien tradition with teacher Chan Kim Kang. This lessons are going on the azure shores  on futher Mui Ne beaches.




Today “1001 NIGHTS OF VIETNAM” have nine offices in Mui Ne, twelve offices in NhaTrang city, one on PhuQuoc island, and planning to open new offices in other regions of Vietnam. Our company is a place of meeting tourists from all over the world, talent easily speaking in Russian, English, Chinese and Japanese languages guides, shopping assistants, managers and other interesting people. We hope, that together  with our tour agency all our stuff, partners and friend will get material and inward wealth like glorious hero Arab fairytale Ali-Baba.


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