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What is a cheap hotel in Mui Ne? List the most popular types of hotels in Mui Ne

13/12/2022 430 view

What is a cheap hotel in Mui Ne?

The word "hotel" can be understood in many different ways:

Mui Ne cheap hotel is a common type of business and has a business registration in accordance with Vietnamese law for the purpose of making a profit.

A hotel is an accommodation business, providing full facilities, fully meeting the requirements of rest, dining, entertainment, entertainment, relaxation and many other services during the customer's stay. reside here.

Mui Ne cheap hotel is always a very solid architectural work, inside will include many bedrooms, many floors, fully equipped with modern equipment, and specialized furniture to serve the purpose. accommodation service business and especially there will be many other additional services.

The types of hotels here are always divided based on different criteria such as star rating standards, room size, or specific customers, specifically as follows:

By star standards we will have

  • 1 star hotel
  • 2 star hotel
  • 3 star hotel
  • 4 star hotel
  • 5 star hotel

In Vietnam, the star rating of a cheap hotel in Mui Ne is evaluated based on the following important factors: location, architectural model; equipment, service facilities; or employee services and levels of service; staff; toilet. Currently, hotels with larger scale and more accompanying services are rated more stars.

According to room size

  • Small hotel: 1 to 150 rooms
  • Medium hotel: 151 to 400 rooms
  • Large hotels: 401 to 1500 rooms
  • Mega Hotel: over 1500 rooms

1. Commercial Hotel

Usually used to cater to business guests who are on business trips, but in fact today, this type of hotel mainly serves tourists. You can see that this type of hotel is usually concentrated in big cities.

2. Mui Ne cheap hotel type resort (Resort hotel)

For this type of hotel, the location will usually be located in the coastal areas, islands, plateaus, bays... such as in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phan Thiet - Mui Ne... for the purpose of helping the target customers to go. Long-term resort get the best experience, enjoy the sea view, or participate in outdoor activities and it is also more convenient to see or visit famous scenic spots.

3. Hotel apartment (Condotel)

This hotel is designed with a full range of rooms with functions such as: living room - kitchen - bedroom. After purchasing a hotel apartment, guests will be fully served with their long-term resort needs or cooperate with the management unit to re-rent during their non-stay.

4. Airport hotel:

This hotel will often be located near the location of the international airport, in order to serve mainly for passengers waiting to fly or crew members who have a short stay or temporary stay.

5. Casino Hotel:

This type of hotel will often be built with a very lavish design accompanied by many high-end equipment, helping to serve guests who are in need of entertainment, gambling of all kinds ... with time. short stay.

6. Budget Hotel (Hostel)

Located near train stations, bus stations... with basic equipment, mainly serving backpackers.

7. Motorway motels (Motel)

This type of hotel is quite popular in many countries around the world and has also appeared in Vietnam in the past few years. Motel mainly caters to guests traveling by motorbike, car, etc., who only need to stay overnight.

Recently, we have compiled for you some types of cheap hotels in Mui Ne, as well as accurate explanations of the hotel phrase. We hope this article will help you have more options for your trip.

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