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The concept of hotel service quality? 4 Features to identify a good hotel in Mui Ne

30/11/2022 325 view

What is the service quality of Mui Ne hotel?

Depending on many aspects, the quality of service at a cheap hotel in Mui Ne will have many different interpretations:

 - Based on perception, the quality of cheap hotel service is the customer's evaluation drawn while having been "consume" the service: attitude of service staff directly or indirectly, appearance outside of the system of technical facilities, machines at the hotel…

- Based on the experience, the service quality of the hotel is the customer's evaluation drawn after using and experiencing the services provided by the hotel itself.

- The quality of hotel service "found" is the features that the hotel service is bringing, making it possible for customers to "see and touch" such as: the water temperature in the swimming pool must always be adjusted at The most suitable level so that guests do not feel too cold when swimming in the winter, the room staff always have to actively use vanilla scent room spray if they know that guests love this scent…

- The quality of hotel service "trust" is the positive assessment of customers based on the reputation and reputation of the hotel in the market - eel customers will tend to trust the service quality of the hotels. The hotel has the best reputation.

To sum up, according to Mui Ne cheap hotels, the quality of hotel services is an assessment drawn from the comparison between the quality that customers expect in the past and the quality of service that customers have been receiving. Okay. From the perspective of service consumers, the quality of hotel services is the level of satisfaction of customers' leisure and entertainment needs.

4 Common characteristics of service quality in hotels

- It is difficult to measure and evaluate the quality of cheap hotel services in Mui Ne

When evaluating the service quality of Mui Ne hotel, you will usually have to base on all 4 criteria such as means of execution, accompanying goods, and visible and hidden services. In fact, doing so will be very easy to assess the quality of the first two criteria because it is completely visible and measurable. However, it will be very difficult for you to quantify the service that is visible - hidden because it cannot be "visible", especially these two factors always change over time: the same customer but can will have very different perceptions of service quality and at different times.

- Customers will often directly use the service is the person who gives the most accurate and objective assessment of the service quality of that hotel.

Customers, when directly using the services, are the "main characters" who have participated in the service performance of the low-cost hotel in Mui Ne, so they will have the view of the "insiders" - just have the look of someone who has spent money to buy the hotel's products and services. Therefore, the experience of customers who directly use the service will be the most accurate and quality assessment.

- The service delivery process will definitely determine the quality of hotel services

When evaluating the quality of hotel service - such an "invisible product", customers will usually tend to rely on technical quality (level of comfort - modernity of equipment system; level aesthetics in interior design and decoration…), execution time and functional quality (skills, communication ability, behavior… of service staff). Because all three of these factors will have a great influence on the quality of service perceived by customers. Therefore, according to the low-cost hotel in Mui Ne, the problem here is that for hotel managers, they must rely on changes in the needs of the customer market to aim for the best. most reasonable adjustment, helping to improve technical quality and functional quality for a better fit.

- Hotel service quality has a very high consistency

Most members of low-cost hotels, from top to bottom, in all departments need to be clear about the perception and action of the hotel's service quality goals. Service quality of Mui Ne hotel must be shown at the best level at all times - anywhere and with every hotel customer. However, very high consistency in hotel service quality does not mean constant and unchanged.

How to manage hotel service quality?

The management of hotel quality is always very focused and strict by 4-5 star accommodation establishments. Because that is an extremely important factor to decide our competitiveness compared to other competitors in the same segment, in the same field. According to the experience of the cheap hotel in Mui Ne, to deal with complaints and take care of customers in the best way, you need to follow the process as follows:

- Set up customer service policies in the most specific and detailed way.

- Train all hotel staff in the most methodical way.

- Be sure to always remain polite, calm and professional.

- Always listen to the needs of the customer.

- Repeat exactly and clearly everything the complainant has said.

- Offer a reasonable solution to difficult situations.

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